Tackroom Organisation 101

Tackroom Organisation 101

Is your tackroom in need of a little sprucing? Whether you're currently on furlough, planning a full weekend down at the stables or moving to a different yard; here is how you can organise your tackroom easily and efficiently in no time at all!

We've put together a guide for every horse owner on how they can get their tackroom in tip-top shape, and keep it that way all year round - hallelujah!

Where to begin…

Whether your tackroom is quite large (lucky you!) or your tackroom is relatively small... the first place to start is by taking all your equipment and belongings out of your tackroom. This will now give you a chance to assess your space to find a way that will work best for the size and shape of what you've got to work with.

Now you can start a fresh to organise your tackroom from top to bottom (literally)! Many tackrooms are the hub for all things creepy-crawly, so you most probably have a spiderweb-colony residing on the roof, right? Grab a long handled sweeping brush and brush down all the cobwebs. Once you've done this, begin brushing down the walls for any dirt and dust. Lastly, sweep the floor.

Once you've banished the cobwebs, dust and dirt, you may want to give your tackroom a lick of paint!

Top top 1 - If you have any spare rubbing matting, lay this on the ground to create a waterproof, solid ground.

ProStable Dustbin and Lid (RRP £19.50)


Bins will be your tackroom best-friend, trust us! If you typically just use your feed bags, you will know this can cause a lot of mess in the tackroom! Using bins are a great way to keep your feed dry, away from rodents and keep the floors clean. If your tackroom is quite dark, use a lighter colours bin so it's easier for you to see! Just like the ProStable Dustbin and Lid (RRP £19.50).

Shires Feed Scoop Red


Using scoops for your feed bins is a must! Not only are they a great way to keep your floors and hands clean, they’re an excellent way in keeping constancy with the amount of feed you give your horse. Here at Naylors we offer an array of sizes so you can find a size ideal for your horse and their feed-measurements.


Add some hook fixtures inside your tackroom. This a great way to hand and store all your belongings and tack correctly and neatly. Stock up on plenty of these, you’ll be surprised just how handy they can be! You can use these for your bridle, headcollars, riding equipment (i.e. martingales, lunging cavasson etc), your coats/jackets and more.

Shires Blanket Rack (RRP £8.99)

Rug Racks

If you're a rug hoarder like us (guilty), you'll know the struggle of trying to store them in your tackroom - no matter how big or small our tackrooms are! Grab yourself some (or plenty) of rug racks to store your rugs. These will ensure they're stored correctly, kept clean and easier to find. A great option is the Shires Blanket Rack (RRP £8.99). These also offer end hooks too for your headcollars/leadropes.

Kit Out On The Essentials

The horse-owner necessities! Stock up on all cleaning/mucking out equipment to get your tackroom fully kitted out with all the essentials! From wheelbarrows to buckets, to brooms to forks and shovels.

Brush Box

Brush Box

Whether you're a grooming product enthusiast or a 'only the necessities' kind of groomer, a grooming box will come in handy for everyone! A way keep your brushes clean and all stored all together is by using a brush box. In here you could add your grooming products, competition bits & bobs, sprays and first-aid essentials in! Horze All in One Groom Box & Seat (RRP ££39.99).

Top tip 2 - Grooming box's are also a great mounting block for riding!

Buckets & Bucket Covers

Buckets are something us equestrian can never have enough off, and we use them for pretty much everything! Whether it's for feeding, water, storage, travelling with or bathing with.. they're a real must-have for everyone's tackroom! Grab yourself some bucket covers to keep everything clean, dry and tidied away.

Saddle Rack/Carrier

Our saddles are usually the most valuable item in our tackroom, so it's important to store your saddle correctly in your tackroom. From saddle carriers to saddle racks to saddle covers. If you have a spacious tackroom, the Classic Showjumps Saddle Carrier is a great option. A way to not only store your saddle but to store other loose belongings beneath too. Alternatively, if your tackroom is on the smaller side, opt for a wall hanging saddle rack (either fixed like the Shires Saddle Rack or one that can be folded down like the Shires Pole Type Folding Saddle Rack).

Hat Bags / Boot Bags

You may be on your way to having a tackroom clean and tidy enough to live in, but it’s important to store and look after your equipment too! Grab yourself a hat bag and boot bag to keep your necessities protected. These are always handy for competitions or taking with you on trips out with your horse.

Top Tip 3 - You can hand your hand bag up on a tie ring or hook to keep more room on the ground free.

Shires Haynet Tie Ring

Haynet Tie Rings

Did you think these are only great for tying our horse’s haynets up with? Think again! Us equestrians have to think outside the box when it comes to storing ALL our equipment/belongings. Tie ring are a great way to hang up coats, rugs, headcollars, stirrup leathers/irons, hi-vis and much more.

Roma Trailer/Stable Organiser Large Blue

Organiser Bag

Use organiser bags to store all your small/loose belongings. From brushes to sprays to fly veils to tack accessories. These will be a god send when it comes to getting your tackroom organised. Organiser bags are also fantastic for taking on the go! For day trips out or competitions, simply add your necessities, fold down and store or hang in the car/trailer or horsebox.

Rug Wash, Tack Cleaning & Disinfectants

Now you've finally got your tackroom completely organised to make your stable-neighbours jealous, it's time to deep clean our belongings too! Now is a great time to tackle cleaning our tack, equipment, brushes and rugs. Also grab yourself some disinfectant to keep at-hand in your tackroom to keep on top of it!

Voila! Your tackroom will now be organised efficiently! We'd love to see your before and after photos of your tackroom makeover! Tag us in your pictures using the hashtag #NaylorsSnapAndShare on Facebook and Instagram. Have any of your own tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below...


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