Shires Velociti Dressage Bridle – Reviewed By Rhi!

Shires Velociti Dressage Bridle – Reviewed By Rhi!

Is there anything more exciting than the postman arriving with a parcel you've been waiting for? Pure unbridled joy, we don't think so! This season we’ve partnered with the lovely Riding With Rhi as she shares her thoughts on our gift to her... An anatomical, innovative and contemporary Velociti Flash Dressage Bridle from Shires. Keep reading to find out more...

Reviewed By Rhi - Velociti Bridle

Who is Rhi?

‘Can I have a pony… Please? Please? Please?….” If like us you were a pony mad kid, it’s a question you probably asked more times than you can remember! But what happens when the dream finally becomes a reality? For Riding With Rhi, that’s exactly what’s happened. Like many of us, Rhi was certainly no stranger to wanting a horse of her own. Rhi started riding at age 11, borrowing ponies and picking up hours at local stables. When the time came, she moved to London in pursuit of her career. As a 27 year old living and working in the city, finding time to ride was no easy task. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Finally able to afford a horse of her very own, she got Woody! The problem was, finding helpful, honest advice was virtually impossible! Left feeling a little in the dark by all the secrecy and taboo topics, she set up a YouTube channel to follow her journey of discovery! If you’d like to relive that magical first time feeling, prepare for the adventures ahead or simply get some handy hints, be sure to check it out! You can also keep up to date with Rhi via her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Shires Velociti Dressage Bridle

"For years, many of us have focused on saddle fit and overall 'back health' when it comes to our horses. However, in recent years it's been incredible to see the move towards bitting clinics, correct bridle fit and anatomical bridles that relieve pressure on the horse's facial nerves as a real focus of our time. I have watched with interest the rise of ergonomic bridle shapes, but it can be daunting to take on a bridle with a brand new shape. So when Naylors offered me the chance to try the new Shires Equestrian Velociti range: I jumped at the chance."

Reviewed By Rhi - Velociti Bridle

Stylish and anatomical, the Shires Velociti Dressage Bridle has been specially designed to avoid the sensitive facial nerves. Uniquely shaped, the freedom fit headpiece offers a wide cushioned crown with a cut away ear profile and poll gap, ideal for sensitive types. Like traditional dressage bridles it features a crank noseband however, this has additional padding for shock absorption and improved comfort. Specially positioned, the flash helps to prevent evasion of the bit, without restricting breathing.

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Rhi’s Review

I’ve ridden Woody in this bridle twice now: once in a schooling session and once out hacking. Both times he felt great. Can’t wait to wear it to our upcoming competitions.

It wouldn’t be much of a review if we didn’t share Rhi’s favourite features! Take a look at what she liked best…

Velociti Bridle Details

Impressed by the attention to detail, Rhi loves the patterned stitching. Beautiful and elegant, it really sets this bridle apart from the others.

Velociti Bridle Reins

Now for her favourite detail, the reins! Included with the bridle, Shires signature reins are both flexible and grippy, all thanks to their exclusive Velociti print rubber design.

Taking Care Of The Velociti

Made using soft, high quality leather, the Shires Velociti Bridle should be cleaned after every use. Not only will this keep it looking as good as new, it improves longevity and your horse’s comfort. Here’s our top tips:

Carr and Day and Martin® Belvoir Step One Tack Cleaner


Whether you love it or hate it, cleaning tack is a task well worth a little time and effort. Using a damp saddlery sponge, work Carr and Day and Martin® Belvoir Step One Tack Cleaner into the leather. This lifts ingrained grease, sweat and dirt. Boasting a neutral pH it won’t damage the stitching or leather. With antifungal properties, this also acts as a preventative measure against mould and mildew.

Carr and Day and Martin® Belvoir Step Two Tack Conditioning Spray


You wouldn’t wash your hair without conditioning, right? Leather is no different! Replacing oils removed by cleaners, applying a conditioner can help to prevent drying and cracking. We’d recommend buffing a small amount of Carr and Day and Martin® Belvoir Step Two Tack Conditioning Spray into the leather after each clean. With added glycerine and coconut oil, this seals the pores in the leather to defend against damage caused by salt, dirt, grease and water, while leaving a natural non-sticky shine.

Carr and Day and Martin ®Vanner & Prest™ Neatsfoot Oil Compound


For a soft and supple feel, the leather should be oiled using Carr and Day and Martin ®Vanner & Prest™ Neatsfoot Oil Compound every few weeks. Using a hoof oil brush or cloth, apply it thinly to the flesh side. This will help prevent your bridle becoming dry and brittle. Once applied, allow the leather time to rest and absorb the products added. Where needed, wipe away any excess with a clean, dry cloth.

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Aubrion Team Single Bridle Bag

Circumference: 19.5cm

Height: 79cm

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  • Aubrion team design.
  • Single storage.
  • Zip front.
  • Adjustable clip in strap.
  • Durable and padded outer.
  • Reinforced base with rubber feet.
  • Carry handle.
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We'd like to say a massive thank you to the lovely Rhi and her photographer Equipassion UK! You can shop all of the products in this blog and many more at or in-store. Don’t forget, if you make a purchase share your pictures with us in the comments or include #NaylorsSnapAndShare on your social posts for the chance to win a Naylors gift card!

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