WeatherBeeta Rugs – Our Guide

WeatherBeeta Rugs – Our Guide

Our Guide to WeatherBeeta Rugs

There are so many reasons as to why you may need to rug your horse. WeatherBeeta have been designing and manufacturing horse rugs for over 35 years and so they truly take into account your horse’s needs when designing their rugs. We have put together a guide answering common questions you may be asking yourself before selecting the perfect Weatherbeeta rugs for your horse.

What Size Rug Should I Buy?

The fit of your horse rug is very important for your horse’s comfort and safety as well as the security of the rug. A rug that is too small can pinch the horse’s skin near fastenings and cause rubs and discomfort to your horse. They can restrict movement and breathability. On the other hand a rug that is too large can slip out of position causing unwanted pressure points. It could also lead to horses getting legs caught up in the rug.

WeatherBeeta rugs are sized in feet and inches and the sizes increase 3 inches at a time. It is best to measure your horse to find the perfect size, just guessing can lead to it being a waste of time and money if you get it wrong. WeatherBeeta have taken into account that, although you can measure you horse, not all horses are the same shape so they have alternate options from foal rugs and pony rugs to wide fit rugs for the chunkier horse.

What Kind Of Rug Do I Need?

Before buying a wardrobe of rugs for your horse you need to decide why you need them. You should consider the build of your horse, how hairy they are and also their turnout routine. Does your horse live out 24/7 or are they stabled most of the time with restricted turnout? You will also have to decide whether a standard neck or a combo neck rug better suits your horse. You can even have a detachable neck on some WeatherBeeta rugs. Having a rug with a neck will give extra warmth and protection however your horse may be more comfortable and fully able to retain warmth without having their neck covered.

Stable rugs don’t tend to be waterproof but are designed to keep your horse warm (and hopefully a bit cleaner) in the stable. Some people choose to use a turnout rug in the stable if their horse is particularly good at getting stains on them/their rug as the strong outer can prevent this. WeatherBeeta turnout rugs are designed to withstand the elements, they are waterproof and have strong ripstop outers. WeatherBeeta rugs have strong outer fabrics with denier ranging from 210D to 600D for stable rugs and from 600D all the way up to 1680D for turnout rugs. Some of their rugs have a ballistic nylon outer shell, a fabric designed for maximum durability.

You will most likely find you need several rugs to cover any situation your horse could be in. You may also want to consider a fleece cooler which is perfect for wicking away moisture from your horse’s coat and also the perfect layer for when your horse is travelling. Fly rugs are also very useful for protection against biting bugs in warmer weather without overheating your horse.

What Weight Should I Be Buying?

The weight of your horse’s rugs will be dependent on several things including your horse’s build and coat type as well as the seasonal weather. When selecting a weight of a stable rug, the design of your stable is very important. If your horse lives in a well insulated, indoor stable with minimal draughts from the outdoors you will want to consider a lighter weight. When buying a turnout rug you should consider how active your horse is when out. If they are likely to stand still and graze for the majority of their turnout then they may require a heavier rug for warmth. Horses that love to charge around bucking the entire time are likely to create their own warmth so you don’t want to cause them to over heat by layering on heavy rugs. WeatherBeeta have designed rugs for every such need with fills ranging from 0g to 360g.

Consider your horse’s hair and build. Remember that even though you feel cold your horse may not. If you have a chunky, hairy cob that goes unclipped then you won’t need to use heavy rugs. However, if you have a fine thoroughbred who feels the cold then you’ll want to make sure they don’t catch a chill. A horse’s age and weight can also effect how well they retain heat. A young, chubby horse may find it easier to stay warm than an older horse who struggles to maintain top condition.

WeatherBeeta Rugs – Our Guide

Just as you may need separate rugs based on your horse’s turnout routine, you will need multiple rugs for varying weather. If you buy a heavyweight turnout rug for the winter this would not be appropriate to put on your horse in the middle of a warm summer. One option to consider is layering rugs. Layering two lighter rugs can offer extra warmth as air is trapped between them. Together the rugs can add up to a similar level of fill you’d like from one heavier rug. You also gain added flexibility as you can of course take one off if the temperature rises. WeatherBeeta have under rugs specifically designed for that purpose.

How Much Should I Be Paying?

The cost of your horse’s rugs correlates to your horse’s needs. If you require an especially strong rug with lots of added features then this will come at a cost. WeatherBeeta have rugs to suit all budgets from the ComFiTec Classic and Essential ranges to the Premier and Ultra Cozi rugs. The best part is that it is always clear what you are getting for your money. If one rug costs more than the next WeatherBeeta are clear about what extra features you get for the increased cost.

When buying a rug you are making an investment. If you know how your horse behaves in a rug this can effect your budget. If your horse is unlikely to damage their rug then you may consider a slightly larger budget as you’ll be able to get years of use out of it. If your horse is an expert at creating rips and tears you might consider paying less if it’s pretty much guaranteed to be destroyed no matter what. Even the lowest cost of the WeatherBeeta turnout rugs is designed with ripstop technology which means if the rug does tear it should not spread thanks to the shape of the weave.

My horse loves destroying/escaping from his rug, what can I do?

Is your horse rug friendly, a rug wrecker, or a rug Houdini? Watch the following short clips to see how WeatherBeeta have created rugs that are perfect for any of these horses.

If your horse is Rug Friendly WeatherBeeta recommend the following rug types:

1. ComFiTec Premier Free – Premium quality created for superior comfort and fit

2. ComFiTec Plus Dynamic – Comfortable, durable and remarkable value

If your horse is a Rug Wrecker WeatherBeeta recommend the following rug types:

1. ComFiTec Plus Dynamic – Comfortable, durable and remarkable Value

2. ComFiTec Essential – WeatherBeeta quality and incredible value

3. ComFiTec Classic – Classic style and great price

If your horse is a Rug Houdini WeatherBeeta recommend:

1. ComFiTec Premier Free – Premium quality created for superior comfort and fit

Several WeatherBeeta rugs were featured in our blog about spring turnout rugs. Take a look for more information about the lightweight turnout rugs they have to offer. To browse our full range of WeatherBeeta rugs online click here or alternatively come in-store where our trained staff are able to offer rug advice.

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