Why Everyone Loves Ariat

Why Everyone Loves Ariat

Why Ariat?

In recent years you may have been spotting more equestrians wearing Ariat. This poses the question, what makes Ariat products so popular? As a brand, Ariat are dedicated to producing quality footwear, apparel and accessories for those who ride or work outdoors. Ariat see every rider as an athlete, putting both their body and their wardrobe to the test every day. With this in mind, Ariat are always striving to improve the performance of equestrian clothing and footwear.

Ariat products are designed to be fashionable, durable and comfortable. That's not all, they’re also packed with exclusive, innovative technical features, developed by re-imagining and redesigning traditional items to better suit the needs of modern day equestrians.

Who is Ariat For?

Ariat is a performance brand, catering to the world’s best equestrian athletes. Don't think this means that they’ve forgotten about every day riders though! Ariat products are split into ranges, focusing on different rider levels, disciplines and budgets. This means they’re able to create products tailored specifically to meet your needs. Whether you’re a Grand Prix Dressage rider or a happy hacker Ariat have just what you’re need!

Ariat Clothing

Looking to add some Ariat clothing to your wardrobe? From jackets and gilets to tops and breeches, Ariat offer a variety of casual, technical and competitive clothing. Each item of Ariat clothing is tailored towards a specific season and use. To find just what your looking for keep an eye out for the features that best meet your needs.

Clothing Technical Features

AriatTEK® Cold Series

AriatTEK® Cold Series – Cold series clothing is designed to keep your core warm in cold weather.

AriatTEK® Heat Series

AriatTEK® Heat Series – Heat series clothing is designed to keep you cool in warm weather.

Breathable Waterproof

 Breathable Waterproof – Breathable waterproof clothing is waterproof, windproof and seam-sealed. The surface fabric repels water and wind but allows your body vapor to escape.

CFS™ (Calf Fit system)

CFS™ (Calf Fit system) – The Calf Fit system™ is a unique stretch construction, which provides support at the calf and ankle. It also alleviates pressure points and friction under boots.


Compression – Compression fabric provides a sleek, flattering fit. It also retains its shape.

Cool Climate Insulation™

Cool Climate Insulation™ - Clothes that feature Cool Climate Insulation™ are lightweight comfortable and warm.

Core Control Technology™

Core Control Technology™ - Core Control Technology™ ensures that your breeches support your core muscles and slim your silhouette.


EcoDRY™ - EcoDRY™ is earth-friendly waterproofing. EcoDRY™ technology ensures that your clothes protect you from the elements, without using environment damaging chemicals.

Moisture Movement Technology™

Moisture Movement Technology™ - Moisture Movement Technology™ pulls moisture away from your skin to the outside of the garment, helping it to evaporate quickly. This keeps you dry and comfortable.

Performance Stretch

Performance Stretch – Performance Stretch means that clothes are fabricated with just the right amount of flexibility. This helps to increase your mobility and aids all-day performance.


Reflective - Clothes that are reflective have increased visibility for improved safety.

Silicone Grip

Silicone Grip – Clothes with silicone grip feature a textured surface for improving your grip in the saddle. Additionally, they deliver stretch, breathability and flexibility.

Sun Protection Fabric

Sun Protection Fabric – Sun Protection Fabric provides protection from sun rays.

V3 Fit®

V3 Fit® - Ariat® V3® technology keeps your breeches close fitting and comfortable. An elastic 'V' panel built into the back waistband offers superior stretch and recovery to accommodate varying hip angles.

Wind and Water Resistant

Wind and Water Resistant - Wind and water resistant clothing employs a thin technological coating on a lightweight surface fabric. This helps to keep you warm and dry by blocking wind and light rain.

Ariat Footwear

Need a new pair of riding boots? Ariat produce a variety of long riding boots, paddock boots and jodhpur boots. These riding boots are a investment, which will stand the test of time. Ariat footwear prices (adult) range from £110 to £430, depending upon the technologies that they feature.  Ariat footwear for children ranges in price from £50 to £180.

Footwear Technical Features

ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability) technology

ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability) technology - This technology features in Ariat’s mid-range footwear. ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability) technology offers optimal stability and all day comfort, for performance you can depend upon.

ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability) Pro Technology – This technology features in Ariat’s mid-range footwear. ATS® Pro technology offers you upgraded comfort and delivers heightened performance for reliability in and out of the saddle.

ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability) Luxe Technology – ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability) Luxe Technology offers you an exceptional blend of performance and luxury.

Ariat® 4LR® technology

Ariat® 4LR® technology – This technology features in Ariat’s entry level footwear. Ariat® 4LR® technology provides your foot with support and cushioning, making these boots perfect for everyday use.

Cobalt™ VX technology

Cobalt™ VX technology – This is one of Ariat’s premium technologies. Cobalt™ VX technology provides temperature management, advanced support and enhanced flexibility with an engineered fit for optimal performance.

Nitro™ technology

Nitro™ technology - This is one of Ariat’s premium technologies. Nitro™ technology delivers a lightweight combination of flexibility and engineered support that cushions and stabilises the foot for floorless performance.

Footwear Sole Types

Divino™ – Leather outsole with added durability. This outsole is made with natural leather and offers you a traditional look, slip resistance and rider tested traction zones for maximum grip.

Duratred™ – An exclusive rubber compound. This outsole is made with long-lasting rubber that provides you with maximum wear resistance, whilst still being flexible, durable and resistant to barnyard acids.

Monaco™ - Leather outsole with Duratred™ overlay. This outsole is made with natural leather and offers you a traditional look combined with the added durability and increased traction.

Vortex™ - Lightweight outsole designed for athletic performance. Vortex™ outsoles are packed with technical features;

  • Pedax® frame for stability
  • Duratred™ outsole with rider tested traction zones for maximum grip
  • Shock Shield technology which delivers the shock-absorbency of athletic shoes

How To Fit Ariat Boots

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