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From brushing and tendon boots to fetlock boots and leg wraps, the list is endless! The question is, how are we ever supposed to choose the right ones for our horse? It’s certainly no easy task, but we’re here to help! Check out our top picks for each discipline and why we love them…

Everyday Riding

Lets be honest, if we did the same things with our horse every single day, it’d soon get pretty boring! Riding isn’t always about having a specific plan before we get on, sometimes we’ve got to work with what we get on the day! So, whether you add some lateral work into your jumping session, pole work into your schooling session or find a jump to pop over while out on a hack, it’s great to know that your horse is kitted out with boots as versatile as they are!

Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Brushing Boots

Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Brushing Boots

RRP £49.95

The brains behind this boot know just how important it is to keep our horse's legs safe, no matter what we're doing! New from Equilibrium the Tri-Zone All Sports Boots are a revolutionary take on a classic. More than just your average neoprene brushing boot, they offer a unique four layer construction:

  • Liner: Breathable lining, perforated and cushioned to provide optimum comfort.
  • Mesh: A strong layer of mesh adds an extra form of protection, while preventing dirt and debris entering the boot.
  • Internal Guard: This layer is found over the tendon, made using strips of material that mold to your horse's leg. This provides protection and support, without restricting movement.
  • Outer Mesh: The last layer is a tough, durable, attractive and easy to clean mesh.

How do they know this new construction method works? Unlike most other options out there, this product's been put through its paces with a rigorous three stage checking process! Why not take a look at how it's done...

  • Weighing just 98g, they even float on water!
  • Breathable and cool.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Flexible.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quick drying.
  • Versatile – Suitable for every discipline from driving and hacking, to dressage and jumping.
  • Suitable for front and hind legs.

For protection you can trust, choose the all-round everyday boot that's been tried and tested!

Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Brushing Boots Blue
Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Brushing Boots Green
Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Brushing Boots White
 Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Brushing Boots Brown
Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sport Brushing Boots Black
Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots

Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots

RRP £19.99

We couldn't talk about everyday leg protection without mentioning the UKs best selling option.. Of course we're talking about Woof Wear Original Club Brushing Boots! With over one million pairs sold worldwide, it's not just us Brits who love them. With fantastic credentials and outstanding looks, it's no surprise they're a tack room staple for so many of us.

Simple and smart, they're made using a 7mm thick neoprene base, with added PU strike pads for superior protection and colourful straps for that individual look. Flexible and lightweight, they won't retain water or sweat, preventing rubbing and discomfort. Designed to mold to the shape of the leg, they can be used as front or hind boots. Great for everyday riding, the signature Secure-Grip hook & Loop fastenings ensure that they won't twist or slip while in use. Don't forget to pair them with the matching Woof Wear Club Over Reach Boots to protect the pasterns against blows from the hind hooves. Will you be joining the club?

Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots Black
Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots White
Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots Steel
Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots Electric Blue
Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots Shiraz

Schooling, Dressage & Flatwork

During schooling and dressage our horse's worst enemy is usually themselves! We've not trying to protect them from obstacles or unforgiving surfaces but from bruises and scrapes from catching their own hooves. Much to our irritation, horses often move their best out in the field while playing, right? Our aim with flatwork boots is to defend their legs, without hindering their ability to move naturally and perform at their best. Take a look at some of our favourite boots for the job.

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Wraps

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wrap

RRP £49.95

Bandages are fantastic for flatwork, providing support and protection to your horse's legs. The problem with them is, if you've not used them much, they're a total pain! From rolling and unrolling to finding the correct tension and fastening them properly, it's a fiddly, time consuming and laborious process. Not to mention, if it's done incorrectly, they can do far more damage than good. Thankfully, we have a solution... Meet Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps!

Made using revolutionary Stomatex material, they actively cool the leg while your horse works. Mimicking the way a leaf 'breathes', they keep the skin free from perspiration and excess heat by moving trapped vapour molecules from within the boot. This works thanks to the presence of tiny dome shaped chambers within the construction of the material, which create micro-climates, allowing cool and dry air to pass through. Based on the laws of thermodynamics and diffusion, they're a genius piece of kit!

More than just clever, they feature cushioned panels so they're extremely comfortable for your horse. Flexible and soft with 4-way stretch, they allow the joints to maintain mobility. All of this and they're still tough enough to defend against minor knocks and scrapes! Easy and hassle free to use, simply apply them like a brushing boot and secure them in place with the touch tape fastenings.

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wrap Black
Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wrap White
WoofWear Dressage Wraps

Woof Wear Dressage Wraps

RRP £34.99

Love a matchy-matchy set? We've got just the boots for your horse! Designed to coordinate with the Colour Fusion and Vision collections, they're as pretty as they are practical. With all the bases covered, take a look at why Woof Wear Dressage Wraps have made it on to our list of favourites...

We all know that high temperatures aren't good for the legs, this is because they can actually kill the tendon cells! Designed to keep your horse's legs cool, these lightweight and breathable wraps have been manufactured using a supple and non-restrictive 7mm thick perforated neoprene. Fantastic for daily use, they're non-absorbent. This ensures that they won't soak up water or sweat, preventing them becoming too heavy and rubbing the skin.

Supporting the tendons and fetlock joint to prevent hyperextension and knocks, they sit snugly against the leg fastening securely in place thanks to their brushed outer and fully adjustable touch tape straps. Suitable for use on both the front and hind legs, they're a versatile and adaptable option for everyday riding and warming up at competition. For complete lower leg protection, add a pair of Woof Wear Pro Over Reach Boots.

Woof Wear Dressage Wrap Ultra Violet
Woof Wear Dressage Wrap Brushed Steel
Woof Wear Dressage Wrap Electric Blue
Woof Wear Dressage Wrap Berry
Woof Wear Dressage Wrap Sunshine Yellow


Many of us don't use boots while hacking on roads, after all it's a pretty low stress activity for our horse, right? When we really think about it, it's anything but! During a nice gentle walk out we can come across some of the hardest surfaces we'd ever expect our horse's to work on, including concrete and tar-mac! So, protection against concussion, rogue debris and high curbs really is a very good idea...

 WeatherBeeta Reflective Brushing Boots

WeatherBeeta Reflective Brushing Boots

RRP £35.99

This summer we're reflecting on safety... It's time we all brushed up on hacking hi-vis! It wasn't so long ago that the extent of hi-vis products really didn't stretch much beyond a jacket and a sheet. Thankfully, there's now a whole host of products available to us, ensuring there's no need for any dark horses out and about on the roads!

Designed to make it easier for drivers to spot and identify us, WeatherBeeta Hi-Vis Brushing Boots feature reflective stitching and closures (2 for pony, 3 for cob and full) as well as neon strike pads in either pink or yellow.

Tackling two of our primary hacking concerns with one product, they're not only helping us to stay seen but defending our horse's legs too! Providing protection against knocks and scrapes without compromising on comfort, they're manufactured using a soft and breathable neoprene with tough and durable PVC protective panels. Ideal for long rides, they offer a contoured and comfortable fit, adapting to the shape of your horse's legs.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Brushing Boots Yellow
WeatherBeeta Reflective Brushing Boots Pink


Whether we're show jumping or riding cross country, jumping is a true test of stamina, scope and skill. There's no denying it's great fun but it can also be tough on our horse's legs. From rough ground and tight turns to obstacles and tricky distances, there's lots of pressure on the tendons and plenty of potential for injury's to occur. That's why it's so important we put both our own and our horse's safety first when choosing equipment!

LeMieux Carbon Air XC

LeMieux Carbon Air XC

Front: £48
Hind: £52.50

Want to meet the lightest and best cross country boot ever made by LeMieux? At the forefront of modern design, Carbon Air XC Boots offer outstanding protection and comfort when our horse's need it the most.

Fully ventilated, they allow air to pass through and heat to escape, keeping the tendons cool. The outer of the boot has an abrasion resistant, super strong shell made from TPU, perfect for withstanding the rigour of cross country riding. Designed to guard against knocks and support the legs, they feature a tough, lightweight and flexible polycarbonate rear strike guard that won't shatter on impact.

More than just strong, they offer a shock absorbing, perforated EVA lining, helping to manage strain. This absorbs just 1% of water, keeping them light and comfortable, no matter what. Designed to stay secure, the lining is non-slip and the boots fasten snugly in place with two straps and a third elasticated central locking strap. All of these fantastic features and they still only weigh a maximum of 202g (large) per boot!

 Arma Tendon Boots & Fetlock

Arma Tendon Boots & Fetlock

Tendon: RRP £21.99 - £19.99
Fetlock: RRP £18.99 - £14.99

Basic but brilliant, Arma Tendon and Fetlock Boots are great for jumping and everyday riding. Ticking all of the boxes, they're protective, comfortable, versatile and great value!

The open front style allows the boots to protect the tendons and fetlocks, while still letting your horse feel their way. Flexible and impact resistant, the hard outer shell deflects blows on contact. Molding to the legs, they're lined with a dense, perforated neoprene. This is breathable, lightweigh and shock absorbing. Featuring double touch close fastenings with elastic inserts, they fit snugly and securely to the leg.

Arma Tendon Boots Royal Blue
Arma Fetlock Boots Black/Royal Blue
Arma Tendon Boots Black
Arma Fetlock Boots Black
Arma Tendon Boots
Arma Fetlock Boots Black/Plum

These are just a few of our most popular styles. You can shop all the products in this blog and many more at or why not visit one of our stores. Don’t forget to share your Naylors haul pictures with us in the comments or include #NaylorsSnapAndShare on your social posts!

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