Professional Standard Dog Grooming at Home!

Professional Standard Dog Grooming at Home!

Are you the owner of a mucky puppy? Whether they're a swamp swimmer, mud bather or rubbish raider, we feel your pain! In truth, there's nothing nicer than when they've just got back from the groomers. As if like magic they transform from smelly and scruffy to silky smooth, knot free and sweet scented in just an hour! The problem is, that's also about how long it lasts for! That being said, we can't really send them back every single day! Thankfully though, with Digby & Fox and Petface products, you won't have to! Designed to be affordable, effective and easy to use, you'll soon be achieving professional dog grooming results at home.

Dog Grooming

Before you go ahead and bath your dog, it's best to give them a quick brush. Skipping this step is a common mistake and one that you really don't want to make! Brushing not only removes knots but loose hair and debris. This will make working the soap in to your dogs coat much easier and prevent them matting when dried. Did we mention, it also prevents your drains getting blocked?! The type of brush you should be using for grooming depends on your dog's coat type.


If your dog has a medium, long or thick coat the Petface Slicker Brush is ideal for this step. With long, fine metallic bristles and an easy to hold plastic handle, it detangles and removes loose hair. Available in three sizes, it can be used for anything from a Shih Tzu to an Irish Wolfhound!

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If your dog has a shorter or finer coat less prone to tangling then a slicker brush may be too harsh. A gentler option, the Petface Double Sided Brush offers rubber topped metal bristles on one side and soft synthetic bristles on the other. These are less likely to scratch the skin or cause discomfort, but will still remove any loose hair or dirt.

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Once you've brushed their coat, it's time to think about bathing. Let's face it, we've all got plenty of shampoos lying around in the bathroom. So, is there any need to buy another one? Whether you've got fancy shampoo, baby shampoo, sensitive shampoo or anti-dandruff shampoo, don't be tempted! Your dog's natural pH level is not the same as ours. This means that human soaps can irritate and damage their skin. In other words, it's not worth it!

Much like people, dogs have different hair types. Some breeds are notorious for having wiry, dull and dry coats, while others are naturally oilier. Thankfully though, by using the right products, we can keep them all looking their best!


More than just your average shampoo, this specialist formula has been specifically created for dogs. Great for short and smooth coats, it's deep cleaning, effortlessly removing ingrained dirt, grime and unpleasant odours. Perfect for regular use, it promotes healthy hair growth, leaving their coat silky and smooth.

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Created not only to clean, but to nourish too, this hydrating 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is a must-have. Infused with added protein, it strengthens and nurtures each and every strand. Unlike its alternatives, it doesn't leave behind a greasy or sticky residue, just a naturally glossy shine.

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How To Bath Your Dog

  • Place a mat into your bath to prevent slipping.
  • Place a towel on the floor to soak up any spills.
  • Have a towel or two ready to dry your dog.
  • Lift your dog in to the bath.
  • Hold your dog in place using one hand.
  • Run your tap or shower away from your dog, checking it's not too hot.
  • Use your shower or a jug to wet their coat with warm water.
  • Massage the soap into their hair and skin, avoiding getting it in their eyes.
  • Use a clean damp sponge to wipe their face.
  • Rinse away the suds thoroughly.


Once they're lovely and clean, you'll need to dry them off. After-all, no one wants their soggy doggy shaking water everywhere! This is a process of two parts...



Firstly, use a towel to remove any excess water. We'd recommend a WeatherBeetaDry Dog Bag. These are manufactured using a highly absorbent hydrophilic fleece, designed to cover their whole body. To use, place your dog inside the bag and fasten using the rear zip. Much like when you're drying your own hair, try to pat rather than rubbing. This helps to avoid creating knots.

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Once you've removed the majority of the excess water it's best to finish the job using a hair dryer on a low heat setting. This will help to ensure you've not missed any spots and their coat is fully dry.

Brushing Out

Now the real dog grooming begins. Once they've been bathed and dried, it's time to brush out their coat...

  • Start by brushing the top of their head and ears. Do this gently and slowly, avoiding their eyes.
  • Place your hand under your dogs face and lift their chin to stretch the skin. Brush down the neck and chest.
  • Brush your dogs forelegs, lifting them up to pull the skin tight when grooming their armpits.
  • Lay your dog down and gently brush their underbelly. Their coat is often thinner here, so take care not to cause discomfort.
  • Stand your dog up and brush their back and sides.
  • Brush your dog's rear end, taking care around the base of the tail and towards their anus. If your dog has a long and hairy tail you may need to comb this out too.
  • Brush the back legs.

Top Tips

Long coats: If your dog has a curly, thick or long coat brush against the grain to remove knots from the under layers, before smoothing it back out. For more intricate areas and stubborn knots a comb is essential.

Petface® Long Hair Comb

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Petface Long Hair Comb
  • Detangles long hair.
  • Metal teeth.
  • Easy grip rubber handle.

Double coats: Breeds such as German Shepherds, Huskys and Akitas have a double coat for better insulation. This means they have a thick woolly under layer, topped with a longer and courser outer layer. It can make grooming a little more tricky! So, follow this process using an Oster rake to tackle the under coat before repeating with a slicker brush.

Ear Cleaning

Just like ours, our dogs ears need cleaning to remove any waxy build-up. This should be done around once a month. You can do this at home using a wipe or cotton wool with cleaning solution. Always avoid using Q-tips as these can damage the ear drum and push debris further in to the ear canal.

Petface Eye and Ear Wipes

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Petface Eye and Ear Wipes
  • 20 wipes
  • Fragrance free
  • Antibacterial

How To

  • Ask your dog to sit and stay.
  • Position yourself on the floor, sat behind your dog.
  • Hold your dogs outer ear up so that the inner is exposed.
  • Wipe the inside of the pinna to remove any dirt.
  • Take the wipe and clean the ear canal, carefully making small motions from the inside out.
  • Get a new wipe and repeat the process on the other side.

Nail Clipping

Did you know that overgrown claws is one of the top five most common dog disorders in the UK? Sadly, squishy carpets and soft lawns mean our dogs don't always get the chance to wear them down naturally like they would in the wild. So, it's down to us to intervene. The task of trimming them can seem daunting. Running through the centre of your dogs nails are blood vessels known as the quick. This is sometimes visible in light claws but may be trickier to avoid for darker dogs. If you cut into the quick it can result in bleeding, so it's important to trim little by little. If you do accidentally cut the quick, don't worry. Apply a small amount of wound powder to stop the bleeding.

Petface Claw Clippers

From £7.99

Petface Claw Clippers
  • Heat treated precision blades
  • Easy grip rubber handles
  • Spring loaded safety lock

Finishing Touches

Digby & Fox Scent Spray

How do dogs come back from the groomers smelling so nice? We'll let you in on a secret! There's a good chance it's down to dog-friendly cologne. New from Digby & Fox Eau De Chien is perfect for adding the finishing touches or freshening up between baths. Choose from a range of fragrances including:

We can't wait to see your pampered pups! You can shop all of the products in this blog and many more at or in-store. Don’t forget, if you make a purchase share your pictures with us in the comments or include #NaylorsSnapAndShare on your social posts for the chance to win a Naylors gift card!

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