The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials - Tailored For Your Horse

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials - Tailored For Your Horse

As we've entered a new year, we have this frantic panic of needing to throw away the old and bring in the new, right? That could be leaving behind any negativity, bad habits or your old, worn-out grooming kit.

Whether you're looking for new products for showing, to tackle your dirty grey or you're simply a horse-newbie... we have all the best grooming kit essentials and necessities below tailored for your horse.

For the Hairy Horse

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials | Tailored For Your Horse!

It is highly common for our horse's to get fluffy and hairier during colder months. Also, for those who own a native or traditional you probably know the struggle of maintaining ALL their hair! From furry feathers to long forelocks, ensuring the hair remains knot-free can be a challenge. Here are some products that will sure help keep your horse's fur, mane and tail lusciously soft and silky and encouraging their furry coats to shed!

Leovet 5 Star Detangle Spray

Leovet 5 Star Detangle Spray: The 5-Star Detangle provides a knot-free, sensational shine and easy combing finish.

Horseware® Rambo® Newmarket Grooming Kit Chocolate

Horseware Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit Chocolate: The ultimate grooming bag with 7 grooming brushes to tackle any horse. Using a high quality set with sturdy bristles will help tame the mane and coat.

Lincoln Reversible Curry Comb

Lincoln Reversible Curry Comb: Help reduce the grease and unwanted fur from your horse's coat with the reversible curry comb. A true grooming kit essential for our furry-friends.

Carr and Day and Martin® Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner Refill 5 Litre

Carr and Day and Martin Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner: Canter Mane & Tail is a long lasting conditioner that makes grooming quick and easy. It also reduces hair breakage and leaves an oil free shine.

Ezi-Groom Bot Knife

Ezi-Groom Bot Knife: A grooming kit essentials for our very fury friends. Keep your Bot knife handy for in case you find fly eggs through your horse's feathers and fur!

SoloGroom SoloRake

Solo Groom Solo Rake: Featuring a unique double headed rake. SoloRake is ideal for grooming the mane, tail or coat for easily removing dead hair, tangles or lifting fur for clipping.

The Competition Horse

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials | Tailored For Your Horse!

Are you an avid competitor or looking to make your debut in the show rings? Well these grooming products are necessities when it comes getting your horse star-ready! Stand out from the crowd with your horse's gleaming coat. Now is the best time to begin preparing your horse's coat ahead of showing season.

Arma Tail Guard and Detachable Tail Bag

Arma Tail Guard and Detachable Tail Bag: Keep your horses tail sleek and clean after washing and whist travelling!

Carr and Day and Martin® Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish

Carr and Day and Martin Dreamcoat Ultimate Finish: The Ultimate Coat Finish provided a unique non-slip formula; helping to highlight muscle definition for the ultimate look.

Horseware® Rambo® Newmarket Grooming Kit Gold

Horseware Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit: The ultimate one-stop bag for grooming on the go. With all your essentials in one bag.

LeMieux Lambskin Grooming Mitt White

LeMieux Lambskin Grooming Mitt: The grooming mitt will help to give that finishing touch when shampooing or grooming.

Shires Plaiting Thread Card Black

Shires Plaiting Thread Card: Create seamless plaits for your horse by using a needle and thread. A great option is the Shires Plaiting Thread.

Supreme Products Quarter Marker Comb Set

Supreme Products Quarter Marker Comb Set: A versatile and comfortable comb set perfect for producing immaculate, professional quarter marks that will impress any judge.

Wahl® Pocket Pro Trimmer Black

Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer Black: A great way to trim your horse's legs and face for those stray hairs. Keep them tidy on the go with this great trimmer.

Leovet 5 Star Braid Gel

Leovet 5 Star Braid Gel: Keep the plaits in longer and allow your horse to look their absolute best with the Leovet 5 Star Braid Gel.

The Grey Horse

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials | Tailored For Your Horse!

We all know the difficulty of keeping our white horses...white. One day they will be gleaming so bright it's hard to look at and the next they will look a shade of murky water. For grey horses, their grooming kit's are key. But choosing the right product may be a lot of trial and error. Here, we have some of the best rated products perfect for keeping our horse's coat as white as snow! So save yourself time testing products and try out these products for your grey.

Supreme Products Blue Rinse

Supreme Products Blue Rinse: A colour known for bringing white horses white - the Supreme Products Blue Rinse is the perfect product to give your horse and pony that winning dazzle.

Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit 6 Piece Black/Silver

Roma Deluxe Carry Bag Grooming Kit: An all in one grooming bag with all the necessities to keep and maintain your horse's coat super white. With 6 fabulous brushes.

Carr and Day and Martin® Gallop® Colour Enhance Shampoo Grey

Carr and Day and Martin Gallop Colour Enhance Shampoo Grey: Give your horse a bath with the colour enhance shampoo for grey horses. Remove those stubborn stains with this fabulous blue shampoo.

HandsOn Grooming Gloves Black

HandsOn Grooming Gloves: A fabulous way to clean your horse and reach the root of their fur with little effort or difficulty.

NAF No Bite

NAF No Bite Spray: As grey horse's tend to have lighter coloured skin, they are more inclined to attract flies throughout warmer months. The NAF Bite Spray is a grooming kit essential for grey's.

Absorbine® ShowSheen® Stain Remover & Whitener Spray

Absorbine Show Sheen Stain Remover and Whitening spray: A great way to keep your horse clean without the use of bathing in water. Perfect for those quick fixes or on those colder days.

The Horse that Loves to Get Dirty

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials | Tailored For Your Horse!

If you're unlucky enough to own a horse that loves to challenge themselves to see how dirty they can get - we feel you! Whether it's in the stable or out in the field, we know the struggle of getting your horse clean and dirt-free each day. Lo and behold, these products will make that job a whole lot easier and effective! 1 - you... 0 - horse.

Kincade Wooden Deluxe Banana Shaped Dandy Brush

Kincade Wooden Deluxe Banana Shaped Dandy Brush: A brush shaped to offer ease and effectiveness when flicking away the dust and dirt from your horse's coat. With hard bristles to bring up any dirt and stains.

Carr and Day and Martin® Stain Master Green Spot Remover

Carr and Day and Martin Stain Master Green Spot Remover: Perfect for those quick-fix stain removals. Whether it's stable stains or field stains, the green spot remover will clean the mess without any bathing required!

Roma Bristle Back Grooming Mitt Purple

Roma Bristle Back Grooming Mitt: Use for everyday use whilst grooming or during bathing days. With double-purpose sides, this mitt is an essential for those mucky horse's.

Carr and Day and Martin Gallop Extra Stength Shampoo

Carr and Day and Martin Gallop Extra Stength Shampoo: This Shampoo is an extra thick shampoo with double the level of active ingredients that effectively removes dirt, grease and dust from the horse's coat.

Kincade Wooden Mane & Tail Brush

Kincade Wooden Mane and Tail Brush: A heavy duty brush, offering hard bristles and a sturdy handle to tackle those dirty mane and tail knots.

Shires Jockey Curry Comb

Shires Jockey Curry Comb: With dirty horse's comes dirty brushes. Keep your brushes dirt and dust free with every brush by scraping off the excess dirt and grease. An essential grooming product for keeping your horse's coat and your grooming products clean.

The Dark Haired-Horse

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials | Tailored For Your Horse!

If you're a dark-haired horse owner you'll know they sure have their pro's and con's. When your horse is clean they will glisten and shine brighter than a star. However unfortunately, they are also more likely to show grease and dirt on the surface of their coat. These products below are perfect for keeping the grease at bay and ensure their coat constantly shines - looking flawless all year round!

LeMieux Flexi Scrubbing Brush

LeMieux Flexi Scrubbing Brush: With a unique design to allow you to reach every crevice, LeMieux Flexi Scrubbing Brush provides stiff bristles to really help you work the coat. It also allows you to remove tougher stains and dirt.

Carr and Day and Martin® Canter Coat Shine

Carr and Day and Martin Canter Coat Shine: Bring a sheen and shine to your horse's coat with Canter Coat Shine. Use daily to maintain a healthy looking coat.

Lincoln Grooming Block

Lincoln Grooming Block: A great way to lift grease and dandruff from your horse's coat is with the Lincoln Grooming Block.

Roma Sisal Grooming Mitt

Roma Sisal Grooming Mitt: The Roma Sisal Grooming Mitt features a fleece backing and is ideal for finishing off and polishing the horse's coat. Great to use after spraying with the Canter Coat Shine.

Shapleys No.1 Light Oil

Shapleys No.1 Light Oil: Bring a shine and sleek look to your horse's mane and tail with the dry oil. Lightly use over their coat and legs for extra sparkle! Great for your horse's skin and coat health.

MagicBrush Pack Union Jack

Magic Brush Pack Union Jack: The MagicBrush effectively cleans your horse by removing stains. Whether that's sweat, dirt, mud, stable and grass stains; from a variety of different coats.

The Beginners Grooming Kit

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials | Tailored For Your Horse!

For any new-horse owner, it can feel like a minefield trying to find what products you will need for your horse. Whatever type of horse you have, these products will be sure to help you begin your grooming skills. Here are 6 basic grooming products that you will find yourself using daily to keep your horse looking and feeling fabulous!

Roma Soft Touch Mane and Tail Brush Pink

Roma Soft Touch Mane and Tail Brush: An easy-to-use brush with hard bristles to ensure all knots are detangled.

Carr and Day and Martin® Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner

Carr and Day and Martin Canter Mane and Tail Spray: Their number one best-selling product. Making it easy for any equestrian to get a super soft and sleek mane and tail for their horse.

NAF Five Star Muck Off Stain Remover 500ml

NAF Five Star Much Off Stain Remover: A super easy way to remove stains and marks of your horse with little effort. A do-it-yourself product that requires little scrubbing.

Shires Metal Sweat/Shedding Blade

Horze Smart Grooming Box: Keep all your horse's belongings dry and clean in this grooming box. Can also be used as a mounting block for mounting and dismounting your horse.

Horze Smart Grooming Box Dark Purple

Shires Metal Sweat/shedding Blade: A 2 in 1 blade that can be used to wipe away sweat after exercising or to help strip your horses shedding, unwanted loose coat.

Roma Cylinder Grooming Kit 9 Piece Orange

Roma Cylinder Grooming Kit 9-Piece: A great starting grooming set with all the essential brushes - perfect for everyday use.

Child-Proof Grooming

The Ultimate Grooming Kit Essentials | Tailored For Your Horse!

There's is nothing quite as special as your little one pampering a pony. A time they learn how to care for another-being, learn compassion and responsibility. It's also a great way for your child to spend quality ground-work time with their four-legged best-friend. Here are some fabulous grooming products perfect for children and their ponies!

Ezi-Groom Tikaboo Character Groom Kit Giraffe

Ezi-Groom Tikaboo Character Groom Kit Giraffe: The perfect gift for any budding young equestrian. Filled with everything they need to make sure their equine friends are squeaky clean and cared for.

Ezi-Groom Shape Up Body Brush Blue/Yellow

Ezi-Groom Shape Up Body Brush Blue/Yellow: An easy-to-use body brush with colourful bristles and a rainbow strap!

Hy Unicorn Grooming Bag Navy/Pink

Hy Unicorn Grooming Bag Navy/Pink: Presenting a magical unicorn bag, perfect for carrying around all your grooming products! with separate compartments this is a great grooming kit for any child!

Kincade Print Body Brush Watermelon

Kincade Print Body Brush Watermelon: Offering a grooming kit essential, the Print Body Brush is perfect for removing dust and dandruff from the coat and help to leave a gorgeous natural shine.

Lincoln Horse Head Hoof Pick with Brush Blue

Lincoln Horse Head Hoof Pick With Brush: The Lincoln Horse Head Hoof Pick with Brush is ideal for removing dirt and debris for the horse's hooves and offers a stiff brush at one end.

Kincade Print Mane & Tail Brush Watermelon

Kincade Print Mane and Tail Brush Watermelon: An easy-to-use mane and tail brush for banishing knots.

What type of horse do you have and what are your grooming product necessities? If you have any grooming tips and tricks please share with us below.

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