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Alex Clark – Imaginative Illustrations and Creative Cards

If you’re anything like Alex Clark, you’re probably fed up of mass produced, impersonal cards, right? Having purchased a disused old stable in Stanhope, she decided to do something about it!

Sending a loved one a greetings card is quite possibly one of the kindest and most meaningful ways to let them know they’re in our thoughts! Whether it’s for their anniversary, Birthday, Christmas or to celebrate their new job, it’s a great way to send congratulations or commiserations. So, why not find a creative card to share your heart felt words, for a gesture they’ll treasure for many moons.

Who is Alex Clark?

Alex Clark

“I have a secret… It just so happened that I stumbled across my signature painting style by accident.”

How? One rainy day, Alex and her sister Liz were drawing. Liz sketched a very basic outline of a sheep. Wanting to make it look happy, she gave it a big beaming smile. Alex then proceeded to add bright red rosy cheeks. And the rest is history… that’s where it all began!

Horse Design Note Book

Already a talented artist and designer, she added these colourful, cute cards to her gallery. To expand the range she looked to the world around her for inspiration. And lets be honest… If you’ve ever seen her quirky and unique interpretations of dogs, cats, birds, horses, sheep and other farm animals you don’t have to be a genius to see where her ideas came from. 

Made in the UK

It’s undeniable, Alex Clark’s illustrations have that familiar feeling of home. You might be thinking, how does she do it? That’s an easy one, not only are they designed here in the UK, they’re printed here too!

Meet The Alex Clark Collections

Alex Clark Birthday Card

Greeting & Birthday Cards

Cute, colourful and creative there’s something for every occasion from Birthdays to new babies!

Alex Clark Christmas Card

Christmas Cards

Fun, festive and fabulous! Alex Clark cards are the perfect way to spread a little Christmas cheer.

Alex Clark Note Book

Note Books

Who said note books had to be plain! Pretty and practical, these jazzy jotter pads are a must have.

Alex Clark Gift Bags & Wrapping

Wrapping & Bags

Brilliant bags and wonderful wrapping paper, they’re the perfect finishing touches to any gift!

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